MD Houses EN

We build houses, bathhouses and holiday houses, construction services, repair, contacts

MDhouses production  and specialization

Prefab houses,

Reinforced concrete houses

Wooden houses

Manufacture log sauna cabins

Steam room decoration

Installation of the Terraces

Metal constructions, welding

MDhouses products – reinforced concrete homes, prefab homes, log homes, many elements are prepared at the factory, which reduces the speed  of installation



Ventilated facades: wood framing walls

MDhouses activities:

– prefab houses, reinforced concrete houses, wooden houses, production and construction of frame-panel houses. MDhouses products are wooden prefab houses, the construction of which (wall panels, ceilings, wooden roof structures (trusses), finishing elements, etc.) is prepared at the factory. This reduces the duration of work on the construction site, ensures quality, and facilitates the planning of the construction process. Frameworks – panel houses – this is a simple and economical way to build housing.