Laying tiles, repair, finishing works

Laying tiles, repair, finishing works

Laying tiles on the outdoor terrace is done after the base is completely dry. Depending on the use of materials and technology of applying waterproofing, the polymerization process can take from 3 to 7 or more days.

Laying tiles made of ceramics (clinker tiles), porcelain stoneware or natural stone (with a stable structure) is performed on elastic adhesives.

The choice of glue depends on the material from which the tile is made, the type of tile and the format of the tile. The choice of glue is also influenced by the time which was taken for the tile laying work and the conditions for the subsequent operation of the coated surface.

Each manufacturer of construction chemicals, which also includes adhesives, offers a full range of products suitable for the performance of work in each particular case. For this you need to get acquainted with the products presented in the manufacturer’s catalog.

In general, laying tiles on the open terrace or balcony is performed in the same way as in the rooms inside the building, but attention should be paid to the following points.

The first. Pay special attention to the selection of a notched trowel for applying of the adhesive composition and subsequent gluing of your tile. How to choose the right notched trowel you can read here.

Laying tiles on the open terrace is not so difficult, but responsible, it requires strict implementation of work technologies and the use of appropriate materials.

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