Living house LOUSANNE 260 m2 – 380 m2

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 Total surface area from ​​260 m 2 to 380 m 2

LOUSSANE is a two-storey residential house that significantly improves the connection of its inhabitants with nature. The house is designed to integrate with nature and allow you to enjoy life in harmony. It is protected by glass windows, allowing you to admire the view of both floors. In addition the stairs are glazed. This original house will be spectacularly built in the highlands. Much attention has been paid to the expression of modern facades. Facade and rust-coated panels create an interesting ambience with flat glass surfaces and, at the same time, successfully coincide concrete structures with metal.


Main info about LOUSANNE:

  • Total area – from 260 m2 to 380 m2;
  • Floors – 2;
  • Number of rooms – from 3 to 4;
  • Number of bathrooms – 2;
  • Main constructions – metal frame, monolithic reinforced concrete, ventilated facades;
  • High temperature resistant windows and doors – from to;
  • Internal heating – floor, radiator and air conditioning;
  • estimated price of CHF 1240 000


  1. The architect can modify the standard LOUSANNE project based on customer comments and preferences.
  2. The house can be isolated according to the needs of the area.
  3. The final price of the house depends on the chosen finishing materials, technical solutions, the complexity of the equipment, as well as the complexity and conditions of transport etc.