Metal stairs, welding work

Metal stairs welding work

The first stage – the design of the stairs


Gelander-Schweizen model2

It is still difficult to imagine how much money and time it will save due to the well-thought-out design of metal stairs. Design Benefits:

Welding works, installing stair railings


Gelander-Schweizen model2

The project will avoid the mistakes that occur when the metal frame is “boiled” by one team, and the finishing is done by another team of builders.

Gelander-Schweizen model1

The project will allow paper to experiment with the possibilities of design and decoration, which are 10 times cheaper than the “living” stair;

Stairs and other welding works

Gelander-Schweizen model3

Stairs and other welding works

Design of the professional designer – compliance with building rules.

The second phase

– production – welding, frame – the lower part of the stair


The best quality solution for the production of metal stairs – workshop. Why!? The plant has special equipment for metal cutting, as well as specially equipped workplaces. Production in the workshop improves fire safety, because welding work is a source of increased fire risk. In cases where the metal frame is a decorative element and is covered with a special layer of paint (photopowder paint), this work is carried out only in the store of special equipment.


We offer welding works, different types and designs of stair railings, balconies, fencing

Metal fences are a popular solution for fencing.