We install terraces

We install terraces quickly and qualitatively


On the open terrace there is often not enough good air, which makes its glazing a great solution. The glazed terrace is a pleasant place to spend time regardless of the weather. It is not for nothing that there is a glazed terrace, called the second living room, or, rather, the summer living room, where it is pleasant to have breakfast in the mornings, sit down at the table with family and, of course, where you can have a more pleasant group of guests.


Real lovers of the globe will not miss the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this area all year round, and with the help of warming up and proper heating on the terraces form small winter gardens, dining rooms or even a corner for your desktop. Comfortably furnished terraces often become one of the most popular home spaces. One of the most important features of the terrace is a space close to nature, i.e. feeling that you are outdoors, a lot of natural light.


We install terraces quickly and qualitatively

Making a decision to install a glazed terrace, it is important to consider several aspects:

Direction to the terrace. Most often it is recommended for the south or west side, but it is the best way to adapt to the rhythm of your life, when you want to spend time on the terrace, what you will install in it, and so on.


The design of the terrace (wood, plastic or, currently, the most commonly used aluminum) and the terrace model itself should return the house, architecturally match and complement the building.

We install terraces quickly and qualitatively

The exit to the terrace is often organized from the living room, and in this case it is necessary to try to make the terrace as bright as possible, i.e transparent glass, lightweight construction and light-conducting roofing materials.

The terrace isolates the space in which it is installed. The glazed terrace can help solve the problem with a cold room, because the room can save 4 or more degrees of heat.